Pre-Kindergarten – PreK3 & PreK4

Holy Redeemer Catholic School is all about the fun and importance of learning. It’s about experiencing the fullness of life: speaking a foreign language, reading a new story, exploring a computer, playing music, drawing pictures, adding numbers or walking a balance beam.

Primary School – Kindergartern through Second Grade

Our focus in the Primary School is on developing in each student a strong academic foundation, critical thinking ability and intellectual connectivity across subjects. Students gain self-discipline, self-confidence, and learn how to respect and work with others for the benefit of the entire community.

Intermediate School – Third through Fifth Grade

As children grow, so grows their need for experience and confidence in presenting their work and ideas to others…and in stretching their abilities and awareness to new levels.

Middle School – Sixth through Eighth Grade

Supported by teachers who are also their advisers, coaches and role models, Middle School students in these true “balance years” begin to strike out on their own—speaking for themselves, making decisions and accepting responsibility.