School Life

Since our founding in 1994, Holy Redeemer Catholic School has provided a faith-filled and academically rigorous experience that forms both the mind and the heart. Our faculty and staff members work together with our hundreds of students from grades PreK – 8 and their families to create a vibrant and thriving community.


Holy Redeemer provides its students with a rigorous curriculum that is a balance of academics, religion, and special subjects—such as music, art, physical education, and computers.

Students graduate as 8th graders with a broad knowledge base that serves them well through their high school and college years.


Sports Program

Holy Redeemer competes in the Catholic Middle School Athletic Conference (CMAC), which is comprised of 12 Catholic schools. All twelve Catholic middle schools in the Orlando area participate in CMAC for basketball, soccer, track and volleyball. Skill levels are generally split into three levels – varsity, junior varsity (jv), and junior junior varsity (jjv). Boys and girls teams are available for each sport, and the emphasis is a high caliber of competition to prepare the children for high school athletics. GO KNIGHTS!

Catholic Youth League

All questions should be directed to the Coach Rodriguez, AD.

Athletic Handbook



Thank you for your interest in Athletics at Holy Redeemer Catholic School. All students who are interested in participating in any sports, please fill out the Full Registration Form, the FHSAA Physical Form and the Concussion and Heat Illness Waiver. Please return all forms to the front office.

Enriched Extracurricular

Holy Redeemer offers their students with the opportunity to educate the mind, invigorate the body and expand the heart with rich extracurricular activities that build on what they are learning every day. The intellectual growth of our students is a spiritual imperative. Learn more about extracurricular programs and how your child can get involved.