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Support Philanthropy is about investing in the values that are important to you.

Holy Redeemer Catholic School is more than an outstanding community of teachers and enthusiastic learners, more than about character and education, more than the buildings and fields where we learn and play. Certainly all these aspects are important, but they do not entirely capture the distinctive caring atmosphere — the part of our mission that promises to foster intellectual curiosity, integrity, respect and compassion, and inspire each of us to contribute to the greater good.

Holy Redeemer Catholic School relies on the support of our loyal and generous community of parents, grandparents, alumni and friends. For our community of students, teachers, and alumni, both past and present parents to continue to thrive we ask you to carry forward the generous spirit of the thousands of supporters who have taken us to this point with a financial gift.

If you are a graduate of Holy Redeemer Catholic School, please consider joining our new Alumni Association.

Please review our annual reports to see how your time, talent and treasure is making an impact in our school.